snowed in

we are completely snowed in. better-half and the bunny stayed home with butterfly and me – we had a ball of a time. the roads were blocked to the kindergarten and better-half would have taken 2 hours to get to work instead of the usual 45 minutes drive. he worked from home a couple of hours and then it was out with the sleds and out to the forrest.

we have not seen 40 cm snow piled up in this country for a very long time. meanwhile across the country, there are discussing the agenda on climate change. cop15 should get snowed in… let the delegates go without a shower for a couple of days…. let them all share the floor when they sleep… see if it refreshes their political agendas a bit…

when life decides to play the black card

a lot has been happening since the last time i blogged regularly. we had bought a house. bunny-rabbit had settled in his new kindergarten… i was working from home and still traveling abroad some. better-half also liked his new job. we seemed to have finally settled down and were trying to adapt to this whole new situation. the bunny was now 3 years old and he started talking about wanting to have siblings. we had thought about it before and now that we finally had our own house, we thought the timing was perfect. got pregnant on first attempt! how about that?? the pregnancy was irregular from the very beginning. something felt off. i was not able to put my finger on it, but so very different from the bunny’s. i went to the doctor but as usual in the viking’s medical system, they make you feel like you are a hypochondriac. at week 12, the first ultrasound nearly gave better-half a seizure: we were expecting twins!! identical girl twins! how exciting. i sent a text to some 96 people that very afternoon. but that happiness just last 14 days. because our nightmare was just beginning. it has been a very long traumatic year for us. a year that i am glad we survived but glad it is almost over. we spent 5 weeks going to ultrasounds once or twice a week, having to face a decision to do a full abortion, partial abortion/reductive selection with the risk of brain damage for the remaining twin or let the pregnancy continue with the full knowledge of the risk of both not surviving the pregnancy. we did not sleep, i cried hysterically about the house when i was alone. i was invaded by this anguish because it was a decision that was positively inhuman.

we tragically lost one of the twins in the second trimester. subsequently, it became a high risk pregnancy and i had to be sent on sick leave, followed by further complications which got me committed to bed rest. a month into bed rest, i was hospitalised. two weeks following the forced hospitalisation, our little butterfly was born premature at 28 weeks. the little sister had to remain in hospital until certain factors were in place such as feeding as a newborn, stable weight gain, keeping warm, etc…- which means that we were hospitalised for a further 8 weeks, while the bunny and better-half were trying to get on with life as best as possible and going up to visit us at the hospital as often as possible.

we are now all 4 at home, enjoying every minute of it. and though i never want to experience such pain again in my life, i have learnt through this pregnancy that life should not be taken for granted. family should be cherished to the max. friends and family that are there for you when hard times hit, are truly invaluable. my husband whom i loved more than words could say has now become my hero, for what he did to hold us together and keep life running here at home. i will never take my 2 beautiful children for granted. the first pregnancy was easy, the birth was easy and i never gave the miracle of life much thought. i have wised up. i have matured and grown in the process. i might have even become soppy! :) but the truth is, we only get one chance at life, and i have decided to live it, because life or loved ones could be taken away from me without prior notice.

p.s. btw, it is our precious butterfly on the header.

slowly but surely

a lot has happened since february… a lot. it will take a very long post to tell it all.

bunny-rabbit is a bit brother. i am a stay-at-home-mom again.

plenty more blogging to follow.

can’t keep up…

it has become evident that i can’t keep up with the blogging world no more… it is such a rat race! facebook must be partly to blame.

we have settled in. we looooove it around it. we love our little town. we enjoy the surroundings, nature walks, the forrest behind the house and the sea in front of the house. could we ask for more?

we spent the most part of january painting rooms, unpacking, buying new furniture and lighting fixtures. we are at home now and there is no greater feeling that finally being home!!

wish you could all come over for coffee.

still restless

a whirlwind of events, travels, deadlines… what a crazy life it has been in the past couple of months. but the news are…


we are….

relocating AGAIN! but for this time for good. we are s-e-t-t-l-i-n-g down! “settling down” has been a taboo subject in our home for a long long time. but this fall, we decided to buy a house. we are living amid boxes right now. moving all our junk over the next week.

hope to have a more relaxed lifestyle as of january. more time to blog… :)

the winter has come…

… or so it feels.

i know when winter has arrived in denmark by the simple fact that i start wearing socks to sleep at night. i know, it ain’t all that sexy sleeping with thick socks, but nights are pretty chilly in this country and danish hubby likes to sleep with the window open all year ’round. on the positive side, i have healthier than ever before, breathing fresh air all throughout the night.

need me a vacation in southern europe. like portugal. mar is currently enjoying some seaside resort near lisbon. maffa is also gone back to the terrinha…. we are stuck here.

kbh in the dark ages

a lot of you might be blissfully unaware that 24.000 people living in the capital of denmark have to share a toilet with their neighbours in the buiding, or go outside in the backyard and use a hut, or just go to the gym and shower there. an italian friend of mine has a shower box she sets up every morning in her kitchen in order to shower. when we first moved to copenhagen, and lived in brønshøj, our bathroom had no shower. it was installed 2 weeks before we moved in.

this was made thinking of those københavners (people of copenhagen) that still live in the dark ages.


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